Training & development

Training & Development

The Yource Academy is the specialist in learning within customer contact. Whether it is a customized e-assessment, an onboarding training or learning on the job, our Academy is able to create what you need to select, onboard, train & develop your customer contact specialists. We always strive to create the right blend of online and offline learning to create the maximum desired result. Due to COVID-19 we offer the courses digital where possible. Our services are available for each of the five phases that candidates have during their career with us: selection, preliminary process, onboarding, learning on the job and the next step.

Training & Development
Training & Development
  • Selection
    During the selection process, our customer contact e-Assessment is conducted by our candidates, which allows us to determine if they have the right competencies and skills to exercise the function properly. We also offer our assessment in a customized version or can create a tailored assessment that meets your personal requirements.

  • Preliminary process
    Candidates who will work for one of our customers active in the financial sector often need one or more so called Wft certificates. These certificates are under Dutch law required to give financial advice. When this is required we register the students, guide them substantively during their course, facilitate the training, schedule the exams and take care of the administrative handling. We also provide the required Wft updates for employees so they stay ‘Permanent Actueel’ (PA) and also provide the Wft renewal exams called 'Permanent Education' (PE).

  • Onboarding
    Our Academy is able to create the onboarding training for your customer contact employees. To do this we work together with you to determine the right skills needed for the job. When we have identified the learning needs we can create a tailor-made onboarding training. We will always make it a blended training program to make sure we can create optimal results. Depending on your wishes, we can develop, coordinate and/or facilitate the training for you. This training can be provided by our trainers at your own location.

  • Learning on the job
    We can offer several customized customer contact training modules. Each of these pieces of training is developed to improve specific skills for your teams. Examples of training modules we offer are: Professional Communication, Sales Skills, Social Media/Webcare and Compliancy & Security. We can customize each training to make sure it fits your specific needs. Do you have a specific training need? Our trainers can create a customized training module to meet your wishes. Want to continuously train your employees to make sure they are and remain on the right skill level? Then we offer the Talent Trainer service. We will make an evaluation of your location to determine what the challenges are and develop, together with you, a suitable plan that we then will execute and keep evaluating.

  • The next step
    Employees who perform above expectations and have the potential to make the next step in your organization can continue to grow with the help provided by our Academy. We offer various development courses for customer contact trainers, coaches, and team leaders.

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