Flexpool Staffing

Flexpool Staffing

Could your organization use an unburdening when it comes to finding and keeping the right employees while maintaining pool stability? Then Flexpool Staffing could be the solution for you.

This solution is suited for organizations looking for flexibility as well as keeping a stable and capable pool of employees. Yource offers the organization a guaranteed insight on work hours.

When you choose for this solution, you as an organization have complete control of how your customer contact is being operated but relieved of the burdens regarding pool stability, selecting & recruiting employees and the necessary administration that comes with it.

The employees will be hired within certain hour categories which we have determined with you. This gives us the option to lower the number of hours our employees work when there is a lower volume. We can also increase the hours when the volume of calls gets higher, as long as we stay within the agreed bandwidth. This way you retain control of the desired service you want to give to your customers and we ensure that the required number of hours are delivered by our employees.

Flexpool staffing
Flexpool staffing
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