Outsourcing is a service for organizations that prefer to completely or partially locate their customer service at an external location. Our employees currently work from home wherever possible. This service is interesting if you have a shortage of space, lack the right expertise, want to be fully unburdened or want to look for a way to cut costs.

We offer our outsourcing services in multiple forms and combinations, but split them into three main outsourcing solutions:

The right choice for you depends on several aspects such as the way you want to service your customers, your company policies, and local laws. When you choose our outsourcing solution there are several potential advantages. We have all the necessary expertise, we can cut costs because of more efficient processes, we will recruit and hire the right candidates, we provide training & onboarding, and we can follow our local payment policy.

201211 Yource Group Outsourcing
201211 Yource Group Outsourcing

About our outsourcing solutions

  • Recruitment
    When you choose for an outsourcing solution Yource will be fully responsible for the recruitment and employment of the teams. Of course, we always start by getting to know you and your organization, so we know who would fit on your project. When we have identified the right candidate profile that matches with your organization, we will start recruitment.
    In the case of nearshoring, the candidates will be recruited in your home market and employed in our nearshoring location. We have several collaborations with different parties to find the right candidates that want to work abroad. In general, we use a range of 7 to 10 starters per month for nearshoring projects. This way the buildup of the team is controlled and we can guarantee the quality of service. The recruitment in the case of offshoring will be done locally. To do this we have several local recruitment channels in place.

  • Project size
    We can offer most of our outsourcing solutions even with low volumes. We can do this because it's possible for our employees to work on several of our projects at the same time. The same goes for our management who can manage several smaller projects at the same time. The only exception is offshoring, where a minimum of 10-15 employees is required to truly compensate the large start-up costs.

  • Labour conditions
    Yource will always take full responsibility for the employees on the outsourcing projects. We make sure all contracts, payments and working conditions are compliant. We will determine the exact employment conditions based on your personal wishes and the chosen flex solutions. In the case of local outsourcing, we can follow your labour condition, but can also offer the Yource employment conditions as we are not obliged to follow your collective labour agreement. When you choose for our near- and offshoring services these will be adjusted to the local standard.

  • Set up & management
    Yource will be responsible for the daily management of the team(s). This means a team manager will be appointed who will manage the team according to the Yource workflow. Besides a team manager, the team will also be supported by quality monitoring, coaching and WFM processes. As we are responsible for the output, it is desirable that we are also responsible for the monitoring of the quality. Of course, you are always more than welcome to also measure the quality yourself in any way you’d like. Coaching will be done by our coaches to continuously improve and ensure the quality of our employees. Based on your forecast we will take care of planning, scheduling, and traffic. Yource will also create operational reports using the data available.

  • Output responsibility
    During outsourcing, Yource is responsible for the achieved output at the outsourcing location. Therefore agreements are made before the start about goals, objectives and KPI’s. A designated client manager will be appointed who is responsible to make sure we live up to the agreed results.

  • Onboarding & education
    Because Yource is responsible for the results, our academy will use their resources to make sure all team managers, coaches, trainers, and employees are fully trained. We will also create the onboarding training so ours fits perfectly with your own. We will also continue their training over time. We will create all training, e-learnings, and other required courses using your content to make sure everything is the same quality as your own.

  • Location & facilities
    Using outsourcing, all employees will be housed at one of the Yource locations or where possible from home. Here they will be provided with all necessities such as a place to work and areas to take a break in and relax. We will, however, examine with you which of your systems are required on our location to properly carry out the activities.

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