Managed Insourcing

Managed Insourcing

Is your organization looking for support when it comes to finding and keeping the right employees but are you also looking for unburdening when it comes to realizing better customer contact results?

Managed Insourcing is a customer contact solution where Yource deploys a team of customer contact employees at your location but takes full responsibility for the results and beforehand agreed KPI’s.

Yource will take care of the management, coaching, planning, scheduling, traffic, and quality monitoring of the teams. We are also able to offer you additional services such as advice and knowledge management.

Managed Insourcing is an ideal solution for organizations that want to give away the management of their customer contact and want the possibility to send invoices not only based on hours but also based on satisfied clients while being unburdened at their own location. This solution can be compared to Outsourcing but this time it’s at your location. Our members are in service of Yource and therefore also keep the Yource employee agreements.

The difference between a Managed Flexpool and Managed Insourcing is that the Managed Insourcing team is a different organization within your own and can operate customer contact independently. This is why Managed Insourcing can be compared to Outsourcing, only now it’s at your location.

201211 Yource Group Managed Insourcing
201211 Yource Group Managed Insourcing
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