• Situation
    We’ve built a strong partnership with Sodexo over the past 7 years. Our mission is to handle incoming calls and increase satisfaction on the customer service desk. We help Sodexo make their services more efficient by handling the first line cases and forwarding second line complex cases to the relevant back office desk. The use of the service checks and the SodexoCard® has grown over the years and since 2016 the service checks have been regionalized across the different regions.

  • Delivered services

    • Outsourcing;
    • Front office call handling;
    • Back office written care handling.
  • Approach
    Through continuous process improvements, based approach channel volumes were reduced and care results have been improved over the years. Our representatives and coaches have an intensive training schedule with Sodexo. These coaches have all gained their content experience as an agent on the floor, making them experts in the field. Thanks to the partnership between Sodexo and the group, we’ve grown over the years from 3 workplaces to 40 workplaces.

  • Results

    • 40 workplaces;
    • 55 employees trained;
    • 4 coaches;
    • 4 different customer services.

About Sodexo

Yource Cases Sodexo
Yource Cases Sodexo

Founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon in Marseilles, France, Sodexo is now the worldwide leader in Quality of Life Services. The group is present in 80 countries and employs 425.000 people who are driven by the same passion for excellent service. They are convinced that the Quality of Life is crucial for the performance in companies and organizations of which they are a strategic partner because this promotes the well-being and motivation of individuals at work.

They monitor this quality of life by offering value-added services in companies, schools, university campuses, hospitals, prisons and even in so-called ‘life bases’ on the other side of the world. They develop, manage and deliver a unique array of On-site Services, Benefits & Rewards Services and Personal and Home Services. They contribute to the daily improvement of the quality of life for everyone.

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