• Situation
    In November 2017 Liander faced a sudden increase of volume, because of a broadcast on TV about possible defective meter installations. Therefore Liander contacted Yource on a Friday afternoon, to ask for our support on their 1st line support at our outsourcing location in Almere. Over the weekend Yource managed to place 15 well-trained Service Representatives to support Liander. At the end of the increase, the volume wasn’t there, but the start of a long-lasting partnership was. Nowadays Yource supports Liander's Customer Service and Technical Helpdesk with their 1st and 2nd line support from our outsourcing location in Nijmegen with approximately 30 FTE experienced Service Representatives.

  • Delivered services

    • Outsourcing;
    • Recruitment;
    • Training.
  • Approach
    The past 1,5 years the relationship with Liander turned into a really valuable partnership. At this moment, Yource supports Liander with their 1st and 2nd line customer service at our outsourcing location in Nijmegen. We recruit new employees for Liander in Arnhem, Duiven, and Haarlem. We also train new employees that are going to work at Liander Arnhem at our location in Nijmegen.

  • Results
    Over the last 1,5 year we've:

    • Grew the external customer service towards 30 FTE;
    • Reached multiple new records on Customer Satisfaction scores;
    • Worked together with Liander to set-up the right training program.

About Liander

Yource Cases Liander

Liander is a network manager. We lay cables and pipes and manage the energy network in multiple regions within the Netherlands. Your meter cupboard is connected to it, just like the meter cupboard of 3 million other homes and businesses.

We are not an energy supplier, but make it possible for others to be able to deliver energy to you. You usually do not notice anything of us. You press the light button or heat your house. We make it work. Today and in the sustainable future.

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