• Situation
    In November 2018 the volumes at the customer service at Greenchoice kept rising. Earlier in 2018, Greenchoice acquired another energy supplier within the Netherlands named ‘Qurrent’. Qurrent has been a partner of Yource for some years already. Having a great experience with Qurrent working together with Yource in the past, it was obvious Greenchoice reached out to Yource when the volumes at their customer service became too high to handle themselves. At first, the requested support was temporary for approximately 5 FTE. Eventually, the volumes kept rising and as of April 2019 the outsourcing support for Greenchoice has grown towards 30 FTE.

  • Delivered services

    • Outsourcing
  • Approach
    To ensure the quality of our service within the short timelines of the set-up, Yource chose to start only with experienced Service Representatives who already worked at Yource for a longer time. Within just 2 weeks after the first request, the service for Greenchoice started at our outsourcing location in Nijmegen. After that, we kept growing each month with the support of Greenchoice Trainers towards 30 FTE and still growing.

  • Results

    • Grew the external customer service towards 30 FTE;
    • Work together with Greenchoice to optimize the WFM processes;
    • Optimizing the Quality Management process.

About Greenchoice

Yource Cases Greenchoice
Yource Cases Greenchoice

Pioneering remains necessary. Everyone knows that doing nothing is not an option. We know what to do: bring green energy sustainably close. And the pioneers in this are all those with whom Greenchoice has been making the Netherlands more sustainable for 17 years. Our future vision is that sustainability is 100% self-evident: green energy is generated close to customers and used close to the sustainable source. People are aware of their energy consumption, actively save energy and generate as much as possible themselves – or together – green energy. Everyone has access to affordable and reliable sustainable technologies.

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