DPG Media

  • Situation
    DPG Media is experiencing strong competition in the Dutch news market. The competition is fiercer than ever, whilst new online media platforms are threatening the whole traditional paper news market. At the same time, the labor market is tougher than it has been in the past 10 years.
    So how does DPG Media make sure they have enough employees with the right knowledge and experience to sell their products and make sure the customers experience the right service and receive the right product for their needs? To deal with this situation DPG Media decided they wanted to increase their Outsourcing partners and their internal sales team.

  • Delivered services

    • Outsourcing;
    • Temporary Staffing;
    • Training.
  • Approach
    Since August 2015 Yource offers its outsourcing services to DPG Media Netherlands by selling newspaper subscriptions from our location in Almere. Because of the rapid expansion and good results, Yource was offered the opportunity to also offer their Outsourcing services for the inbound calls DPG Media received, with a focus on (cross) selling subscriptions. Yource was also able to offer DPG Media the recruitment and temporary staffing services for their own customer service center when they felt the need to invest in this team in 2018.

  • Results

    • Within 6 months the number of hours we were able to offer on the Outsource project tripled;
    • Equipped 45 workplaces;
    • Because of good results we are the only Outsource partner that services inbound calls;
    • Besides Outsourcing, we directly recruit temporary staff employees.

About DPG Media

DPG media
DPG media

DPG Media is one of the biggest media organization in the Netherlands, with over 1.200 journalists that work daily to create quality news content. Which is offered in newspaper, magazines and online via their apps for tablets and smartphones in written text, sound and video.

They are a leading publisher with national, regional and local brands, like: AD, de Volkskrant, Trouw, Het Parool, Tubantia, De Gelderlander, BN DeStem, de Stentor, Brabants Dagblad, Eindhovens Dagblad, PZC, ADR Nieuwsmedia, De Ondernemer, Synpact, NationaleVacaturebank.nl, Intermediair .nl, Tweakers.nl, Hardware.info, Autotrack.nl, Sportnieuws.nl, MyChannels, IndeBuurt, Qmusic and more than 120 free local papers. All established brands made with care and attention. Brands you can trust.

With 4 national, 9 regional and 140 free door-to-door newspapers, radio and 10 digital-only brands DPG Media strives to be the largest media publisher in the Netherlands and wants to be an ambitious publisher with an eye for quality.

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