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Case Liander

As a network manager, being reliable for your customers is key and making sure the meters to measure...

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Case Rossel
Rossel La Voix

When you’re a multichannel news brand in France and Belgium like Rossel Group, you want to make sure...

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Case Sodexo

Sodexo is focused on offering excellent services to improve the quality of life for its customers. With Sodexo...

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Case Greenchoice

The urge for customer service at Greenchoice kept rising. So what should they do when the volumes...

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Case DPG Media
DPG Media

Real media, real people and real results are values that DPG Media stands for. They want to make sure their...

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Case KPN

When you want to make life more free, easy and fun by connecting people, a company like KPN has to keep...

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